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Chaucer Management Services


Administrative Services

     ●Employee selection, training, and supervision
     ●Implementation and supervision of policies and procedures
     ●Compliance with all federal, state and local laws
     ●Management of physical assets including:
-Weekly / Bi-Weekly / "Surprise" property inspections
-Administration of maintenance plan (day to day and preventative)
-Preparation of work specifications and proposal submission for owner's approval
-Hiring/monitoring of subcontractors
-Rent collection, deposit, delinquency tracking, evictions and reporting
-Purchasing order system, approvals and controls
-Inventory control
-Preparation/Monitoring of operating budget
-Monthly owner reports including:
Income/expense, actual vs. budget with variances
Monthly occupancy report by week including month to date/year to date
Renewals - weekly, month to date and year to date
Current marketing and market conditions
-Weekly review of detailed reporting systems
Monthly collection/delinquency status
Vacant condition reports
Traffic tracking including "advertising results"
-Preparation and implementation of marketing plans and advertising materials
-Monthly review of market survey to determine potential rent increase
-Monthly review of property collection report by unit
-Preparation of status/project reports
-Real and personal property tax review and recommendations to owners
-Work with brokers/appraisers at owner direction
-Insurance: Property damage or loss/Injury/ Liability Notification to proper owner,
 representative, and insurance company

Payroll Services

     ●Online (Modem) with automatic data processing (Payroll Central)
     ●Manager review and authorization
     ●Policies and procedures (in compliance with federal/state wage and hour laws)
     ●Health, workers compensation, and COBRA insurance administration
     ●Labor/tax reporting to federal, state, and local government

Financial Services/Computerized Reporting

Standard Reports Available:

     ●Comparative, year to date and detailed income statement by period
     ●Monthly balance sheet
     ●Statement of cash flow
     ●Income statement-budget vs. actual (including variances)
     ●Trial balance
     ●General ledger
     ●Vendor list
     ●Accounts Payable transaction list/document register
     ●Vendor notification
     ●Utility consumption/cost comparison

(additional reports available upon request)


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